Consulting Solutions for Sustainable Brand Development

We extend consulting services to textile companies committed to sustainable practices or those aiming to make the transition. These services cater to a broad spectrum, encompassing start-ups, emerging brands, and established entities seeking diversification. Our consulting portfolio includes long-term strategic planning, product development, market evaluation, marketing, culture-building, and certification.

With over 25 years of solid experience in the field, we have learned how to adapt ourselves to the ever-changing and developing needs, risks and opportunities of sustainable textile industry and had the opportunity to observe global approaches to sustainability.

Our experience has brought about comprehensive specialization. With our principle that transformative change can only be achieved collectively, we decided to provide consulting services for all seeking assistance whether they’re start-ups or established brands aiming to become sustainable.

With our dedicated team, we offer the following services and packages tailored to enact positive impact for your brand while building sustainable and enduring business models.

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Pre-Production Efficiency and Quality Assessment

  • Ensure production efficiency and quality standards through resource management, sample development, sourcing, and process planning.

Market Entry Strategy and Analysis

  • Navigate new markets strategically by leveraging our global experience, connections, and network to position your brand effectively.

Tailored Marketing Support

  • Assist with customer research, retention, and marketing activities aligned with your corporate image and sustainability principles.

Effective Networking for Sustainability

  • Connect with the right suppliers and industry stakeholders globally through our extensive network spanning six continents.

Budget Planning

  • Leverage our multi-continent operational experience to build budgets aligning economic, environmental, social, and managerial goals.

Strategic Team Building Program

  • Achieve success with the right team through organizational structuring, role clarity, workplace collaboration, and cross-departmental communication.

Certification Guidance and Compliance

  • Navigate textile certifications and standards with expert guidance, ensuring regulatory requirements are met for your target audience.

Sustainable Material Selection Assistance

  • Explore sustainable alternatives for your collection or design entirely new collections with eco-friendly fibers.

Matching with Sustainable Suppliers

  • Overcome startup challenges by connecting with sustainable suppliers that meet your production needs and emphasize fair working conditions.

Green Logistics Optimization

  • Understand and optimize the logistic map of your production processes to reduce greenhouse emissions and cut costs.

Farm Tours for Organic Insights

  • Experience firsthand the organic cotton fields in Izmir, Western Turkey, gaining insights into organic harvest practices.

Global Penetration and Trade Show Support

  • Facilitate your brand's entry into global platforms and trade shows, ensuring the right products reach the correct audience through our vast connections and worldwide network.

Packages We Offer

  • Start-Up Package

    Embark on your sustainable textiles journey with our Start-Up Package, offering 10 hours of consulting. Our experts will guide you the basics and necessities.

  • Development Package

    Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

  • Full Package

    Maximize your potential with our Full Season Package, delivering 50 hours of extensive consulting. This all-inclusive package ensures holistic assistance for your business's sustained success.

  • Direct Meetings

    Engage directly with key stakeholders through personalized one-hour meetings. Connect with the CEO to align vision, delve into design specifics with the design team, and explore material strategies with the development team.

  • Farm Tours

    Visit our organic and regenerative cotton and hemp fields in Izmir and share perspectives and insights with our sustainability team, deepening your understanding of our commitment to environmentally conscious practices. Contact us to get more details.

  • Supply Chain Tour

    Embark on an immersive journey through the textile industry, exploring the behind-the-scenes processes step by step with our expert guides. Engage in meaningful conversations with valuable individuals involved in each stage of production. Can be arranged over 1-2 days in the beautiful city of Izmir, located in western Turkey.

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