Made to Order

In addition to the online catalogue Custom Order is also possible with Manifutura.

Fabrics can be produced using organic cotton, recycled polyester, hemp or other offered fibers according to the needs. Fabrics can be purchased raw, undyed, dyed to solid colors or mélange. Besides, they can be embellished by our print options. For production general MOQ would apply, for special fabrics these could be subject to change. Samples are available upon request.

Fabric Production Minimums

  1. Knitted Fabric MOQ - starting from 400 meters
  2. Woven Fabric MOQ - starting from 1000 meters

Print Minimums

  1. 1000 meters/per design pigment and rotation allover prints
  2. 500 meters/per design digital allover prints


For your custom order inquiries contact us at or use the contact form.