Transition to Sustainable


We also offer consulting for existing brand who wants to start using sustainable fabrics.

We would match your existing fabric collection consisting of conventional cotton, polyester, general lyocell with the following sustainable alternatives ORGANIC COTTON, RECYCLE POLYSTER, or TENCELTM.

The process is easy as the following. Just contact us for the program either by e-mail or the contact page. Then send us samples from your existing fabrics. Then we will send you the alternatives.

In Conversion Program

In 2021 we started matching transition brands with transition farmer in organic cotton. We recommend this to brands who are looking to change their whole brand identity to being sustainable. Switching to organic cotton is very costly for farms and usually the only barrier for farmers who are interested in switching to organic farming. There is a 3 year conversion period where farmer needs to plant and harvest the cotton using the organic cotton framework however this cotton cannot be sold as organic. This effects the farms income significantly and thus many do not want to switch. Because this is the case, in efforts to help the farmers public interest has shifted towards in conversion cotton. Using in conversion for is not a sustainable path for an already established sustainable brand. We have found the perfect to utilize this cotton. We match the brand that want to convert to organic cotton with farmers who are converting. This creates a win-win scenario where farmers crops are guaranteed to be bought and the brand get a better standing in the industry. After the conversion period we continue to supply the brands with highest quality organic cotton.