Consulting Services for Sustainable Brand Building

We offer consulting services to textile companies that apply sustainable practices and the ones that are willing to make the transition.

These services are targeted towards start-ups, emerging brands and established ones interested in branching out. The types of consulting include long-term strategic planning, product development, market evaluation, marketing, culture-building, and certification.

With over 25 years of solid experience in the field, we have learned how to adapt ourselves to the ever-changing and developing needs, risks and opportunities of sustainable textile industry and had the opportunity to observe global approaches to sustainability.

Our experience has brought about comprehensive specialization. With our principle that transformative change can only be achieved collectively, we decided to provide consulting services for all seeking assistance whether they’re start-ups or established brands aiming to become sustainable.

With our dedicated team, we offer the following services and packages tailored to enact positive impact for your brand while building sustainable and enduring business models:


  • Strategy Building and Development: First step is to learn about your goals, your company culture, resources and budgets. Second step is to determine a strategic sustainability roadmap for effective implementation of your mission and goals and operational and managerial steps it necessitates.
  • Product Design and Development: Our qualified experts provide design guidelines and collection analysis for you. We help you with sourcing strategy of materials and accessories with lower environmental footprint. We evaluate environmental and social impacts as well as the business value of the products.
  • Pre-production assessment: This is key to ensure production efficiency and quality standard. Together with you, we address steps such as resource management, sample development and approvals, sourcing and testing of raw materials, garment costing, pattern making and process planning.
  • Market analysis: Entering new markets can be challenging. Companies need to make the right moves with correct product and target groups in order not to waste valuable resources. With our experience with various business cultures in all 6 continents we make the unknown easy for you. Using our connections and worldwide network we make sure your brand penetrates the correct platforms and trade shows with the right products.
  • Marketing assistance: We help with customer research and customer retention. In line with your corporate image, we help you create supporting marketing activities. With effective communications strategy, we will help you elevate your company value without compromising principles of sustainability.
  • Effective Networking: We help with finding the right suppliers following the principles of sustainability. However, we believe that it is not just about finding right suppliers. Textile industry is at the core of the sustainability debate and it requires joint action with the other stakeholders of the industry. We support you by reaching out to our contacts with our wide network in 6 continents.
  • Budget planning: Budget planning is an integral part of your operational processes. Considering we have operated companies in 3 different continents, our skilled team will share its experience in building a budget for the right goal. With this service, we help you link your economic, environmental, social, and managerial operations with your budget.
  • Team building: Success is achieved with the right team. Our team building program consists of organizational structuring, role-clarity, workplace collaboration and cross-departmental communication. In addition to structural assistance we may also assist on finding full-time or freelance workforce.
  • Certification Guidance: For your attainment of the relevant textile certifications and standards, we assist you find the correct certification for the target audience and provide assistance throughout the regulatory requirement fulfilment process.
  • Sustainable Material Selection: We can assist you either by presenting sustainable alternative to your previous collection or by helping you design totally new collection with sustainable fibers.
  • Matching with Sustainable Suppliers: One of main challanges for startups is to find the right producer and to satisfy the production minimum order quantities. Thanks to our 30 years of experience and wide network, we can match you with right supplies who emphasizes sustainability and fair condition for the workforce.
  • Green Logistics: Understanding the logistic map of your production processes can help you cut excess greenhouse emissions as well as cutting costs.
  • Farm Tours: Our tour in Izmir Region, Western Turkey lets the visitor to explore the organic cotton fields and experience the organic harvest practices in person.