Refund policy

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds or exchanges for incorrect purchases or change of mind once fabric has been cut. Please follow the care instructions as outlined in product description as we are unable to accept claims on fabrics which have been laundered incorrectly. Although Ege Organics GmbH takes every step necessary to ensure accurate color representation of items displayed online, the colors of fabrics and notions ordered through our website cannot be guaranteed by Ege Organics GmbH due to variances beyond our control such as computer monitor settings. We highly recommend purchasing swatches BEFORE the final purchase of material.

Use the Pantone Color Codes written on color name as a guide. In the unlikely event that we have sent you the wrong fabric or you find that your fabric is faulty, we will replace the fabric at no charge. If we are unable to do this due to the product being unavailable we will refund both the fabric cost and the shipping fee (if applicable).

Note: Depending on the setting in which the fabric or product is viewed upon, the coloration will also vary due to temperatures in overhead lighting; e.g. daylight, LED, fluorescent, etc

Fabric Defects Visible or evident defects are all the imperfections that can be eye-spotted on fabrics at the time of delivery and may cause prejudice to the finished garments. Concealed or non-visible defects are non-compliances with the specifications set out in the technical specifications and can either be spotted only with technical detection systems, or detected during or after standard processing or making operations included in the technical specifications of the item. No complaint can be filed for defects which are the intrinsic characteristics of the fabric and based on the standard piece assessment. The technical specifications of the item and the Technical Part of this “Standard Agreement” sets the tolerance limits of fabric defects. If the Parties shall notice that the fabric exceeds the tolerance limits set out by the technical specifications of the item and as provided for by the Technical Part of t this “Standard Agreement”, the Buyer is entitled to select one of the following remedies pursuant to the articles here below: 1) return the pieces to be reprocessed/replaced; 2) agree with the Ege Organics GmbH upon a discount.

Once the claim is accepted, Ege Organics GmbH is required to authorize in writing the returns of the pieces or their scheduled replacement.

Returns of goods are forwarded at the Ege Organics GmbH’s charge. The piece to be returned must be duly rolled open-width on a cardboard tube, and must be properly wrapped and packed, right side inside. In case of pile fabrics, rolling must be done in the direction the pile.

If the returned fabrics have been damaged because of a clumsy handling or packing operation, the Buyer is deemed liable for damages caused to the Ege Organics GmbH.

If the piece is returned because the Buyer has detected defects during the inspection of the piece, the seals (or tags or labels) denoting the defect shall be located only on the piece selvedges.

Please send the items to:

Ege Organics GmbH

Georg-Wulf-Str. 15
D-28199, Bremen 

Only when the return of the goods has been approved by Ege Organics GmbH, he becomes liable for defects. Therefore the Buyer is not automatically entitled to issue a debit note for defects.

All claims on faulty items must be made within 21 days of purchase & proof of purchase must be provided.  To make a claim please email us at