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Our Locally Grown Hemp

Manifutura Regenerative Hemp Farm

Why Hemp?

Hemp is the most eco-friendly fabric you can choose for clothing. In addition to its astonishing sustainability features, strength and long-lasting durability of hemp are its another valued properties.
Also hemp cellulose fibers enable hemp fabric to have insulating and breathable properties, hemp clothes can adapt to different temperatures, be fresh in summer, and cozy in winter! 
Hemp clothes don’t discolor over time and stay in their lively color for a long time because of it's absolutely absorbent material capacity. 
Just wash it more and it gets softer.  
It's impossible not to be amazed by the many benefits hemp clothing has to offer us as a comfortable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly source of clothing.    

Our Hemp Farms

Our hemp farms are located in the Aegean Region of Turkey, within 100 kilometers of our operation office.
Hemp is currently in rotation in two farms. One of the farming is done using organic practices and for the other farm, regenerative farming practices such as mulching, no tilling, cover crops and crops rotation are applied.
Our hemp is grown primarily for textiles. 

Hemp Sustainability 

Hemp has great attributes making it more ecological than the others.
Being a fast-maturing crop, hemp can be grown on a range of soils and in different climates and it is suitable to rotational farming.
Hemp has very high yield per acre. With its extensive and deep root system, it aerates the soil, replenishes it for the crops around it, reduces soil loss and erosion and it also removes heavy metals and radioactive toxins
Hemp as a low-maintenance crop, its cultivation is not water-intensive and thus needs very little water.
Compared to cotton, hemp produces 2 times more fiber per acre than cotton while requiring 50% less water. 

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All Fabrics

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Ege Organics Sustainability

Our Sustainability Promise

We exclusively use the most sustainable fibers that are currently available on the market.

All of the virgin natural fibers (cotton, hemp, etc.) used, are farmed with controlled organic farming processes. More sustainable collections, in addition to organic natural fibers utilize pre-consumer recycled cotton as well as post-consumer recycled cotton.

For manmade cellulosic fiber, usage is limited to the Tencel™ brand, which has the best environmental policy and transparency.

For synthetics, no virgin synthetic fibers are allowed to enter the production, recycled materials are used instead.

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