Our Transparent Supply Chain

Beginning with Earth, Ending with Excellence

Manifutura is a part of the Egedeniz Group. Our journey has begun with organic cotton and hemp farms in Western Turkey, Izmir. By being in the organic textile industry for 30 years, we've expanded our group's presence to encompass each step of the supply chain. We are proudly showcasing a transparent journey, from organic farms through ginning, spinning, weaving, and dyeing & finishing processes, to our esteemed ethical textile partners.

Agriculture: Kadioglu  

Our story is seeded in the fertile soils of Aegean Area, Izmir, where we closely cooperate with our dedicated local farmers, and growing crops with utmost care and sustainability commitment.

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Yarn & Fabric Sourcing: Kadeks Textile  

Within our 30 years in the sustainable textile industry, we’ve partnered up with various facilities and built strong business relationships and personal bonds that support us with spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing & finishing in Izmir, Turkey.

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Head Quarter: Ege Organics

Our headquarters office is located in Bremen, Germany.  With our office in Europe, we guarantee our customers compliance with EU regulations for trading.

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A Commitment to Traceability

The only way we can truly be sustainable is to be present at each step of the supply chain. 

The best traceability we always offer to our customers is warmly inviting to visit our whole supply chain. Vertical integration is necessary to take control of supply chain and by our long presence in sustainable textile industry we have been supporting ethical standards of sustainable textiles production. To assure that from our farms to product we have been aligned with social standards of people get involve in production and regulations about the use of chemicals to minimize our environmental impact throughout GOTS certificate.