Public Presence

At Manifutura, we proudly amplify our commitment to sustainability by engaging with the public through enlightening talks, workshops, and attending in panel discussions. Our mission extends beyond producing sustainable textiles; it involves fostering awareness and understanding within our community.

  • What if sustainable practices within the fashion industry didn’t cost more? Can fashion be profitable and sustainable while providing consumers with affordable pricing? Read more on Forbes

  • Collaborating with Das Erste on the topic of textile seals, which ensure fair and ecological clothing. It's important to note that even the esteemed federal government seal, the 'Green Button,' oversees only half of all production steps. Watch the video 👇🏻

Our Focus Extends to 6 Key Areas

  • Materials and Certifications

    Unveiling the intricacies of sustainable materials and certifications.

  • Management of a Circular Brand

    Navigating the complexities of circular brand management.

  • Circular Economy in Fashion

    Exploring what circularity truly means for the fashion industry.

  • Sustainable Design

    Exploring the holistic journey of sustainable design practices.

  • Combatting Greenwashing

    Understanding and eliminating greenwashing from the textile industry.

  • Sustainable Design Workshop

    Hands-on sessions that empower individuals to integrate sustainability into their design processes.