Taking Care of People

The textile industry's intricate supply chain involves numerous stages and a significant human workforce to bring a textile goods and garment to life. At Manifutura, our commitment to sustainable textiles begins at the origin—in the organic cotton farms of Izmir, Turkey and our contracted farmers who have been our long term partners for growing GMO-Free organic cotton in Aegean area.

Contracted Farmers

When discussing the establishment of fair standards within our supply chain, the organization "Fair Trade International" naturally comes to mind. While they provide necessary standards, these prove insufficient for our comprehensive commitment. The fact that most of our supply chain is situated in a relatively developed country like Turkey disqualifies us from the conventional "Fair Trade" designation. Although Turkey boasts a higher income level compared to less privileged countries, deeming the country's wage level automatically fair is a misconception. Unfortunately, the reality in Turkey is quite different; even individuals with lower income levels often experience a higher quality of life than those in countries with low GDP per capita. Despite these nuances, we hold ourselves to higher standards. Thus, relying solely on "Fair Trade" falls short of our dedication. The day-to-day concerns of an average Turkish farmer starkly differ from those of their counterparts in East Asia, South America, or Africa. Instead of struggling to make ends meet, they contemplate investing to ensure their children's integration into today’s world and dynamics. Our collaborative projects, funded with partner brands globally, guarantee that blue-collar employees within our supply chain not only receive fair wages but also enjoy disposable income for participation in social and cultural activities.

Living Wage Projects

At Manifutura, we are proud to spearhead Living Wage Projects in collaboration with our esteemed customers. These initiatives are designed to uplift and support individuals engaged at every step of the production process. Recognizing the vital role each contributor plays in bringing our textiles to life, our Living Wage Projects aim to ensure that the hardworking individuals within our supply chain receive fair compensation that aligns with the cost of living. By partnering with our esteemed customers, we strive to foster an environment where every participant, from the farmers cultivating our materials to the skilled artisans involved in production, is remunerated fairly, contributing to improved livelihoods and a more equitable and sustainable textile industry.