Brand Transformation to Sustainability

For existing brands eager to embrace sustainability, Manifutura offers comprehensive consulting services. If you wish to transition from conventional fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and general lyocell to sustainable alternatives like organic cotton, recycled polyester, or TENCEL™, we have a streamlined process in place.

Simply reach out to us through email or our contact page to initiate the program. Provide samples from your current fabric collection, which may include conventional cotton, polyester, or general lyocell. In return, we'll match your existing materials with sustainable alternatives, facilitating a smooth and sustainable transition for your brand.

In 2021, we introduced our In Conversion Program, connecting brands with transition farmers cultivating organic cotton. This initiative is especially recommended for brands seeking a complete shift to sustainability in their brand identity. Transitioning to organic cotton often poses a significant financial hurdle for farmers. The three-year conversion period requires them to follow organic farming practices without being able to sell the cotton as organic during this time, impacting their income.

Recognizing the challenges, we've championed the use of in-conversion cotton, a viable solution for established sustainable brands. We strategically match brands looking to adopt organic cotton with farmers in the midst of conversion. This symbiotic relationship ensures the farmers' crops are guaranteed to be purchased, while the brand gains a stronger foothold in the industry. Post-conversion, we continue to supply these brands with the highest quality organic cotton, solidifying their commitment to sustainability. This collaborative approach creates a win-win scenario, fostering a more sustainable and responsible future for both brands and farmers.

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